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Copyright Notice
The transcription of all the PCW files provided in this site is Copyright A M M Smith 2006. As the music was transcribed from commercially published material, the music may be subject to other copyright restrictions. Consequently, the transcriptions are only for personal use, and should not be reproduced in quantity.

Running PCW Files
If you have Personal Composer for Windows (licenced copy, demonstration version or PC viewer) installed on your PC, you may be able to load the file directly into PCW by clicking on the
PComposer icon. If this does not work, then right click (left click for a left-handed mouse) on the link, and, from the menu that appears, select the option to save the file to disk. The PCW software can be run later, and the file loaded in the usual way.

Acquiring the PCW software
A demonstration version of the software can be downloaded free from the Personal Composer web site. This will enable you to run demonstration files, and those provided on this site. However, you will not be able to save any files you may write yourself. You can also download  the PC Viewer program, which will enable you to view, play, and print Personal Composer files, but does not provide any editing functions. If you are unable to purchase a copy of the software from a local software or music dealer, consult the publishers at the Personal Composer web site.

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