Saint Andrew's Parish Church, West Tarring
The Mosaics

These three photographs were taken during some previous repairs to the church fabric.
Click on a photograph to view a larger version.

mosaic1x.jpg (69632 bytes) mosaic2x.jpg (57344 bytes) mosaic3x.jpg (53248 bytes)

"Each mosaic panel is approximately 11 feet by 9 feet. In the centre stands an Apostle, 6 feet high, draped and carrying his conventional emblem: and on either side of the figure rises from its roots a graceful date palm, with characteristic fruit, and boughs made to bend inwards, so as to form an arch over the Apostle's glory-crowned head, in the upper portion appear stars at intervals; while across the lower, run bands or borders, more or less decorated, breaking up the space into convenient divisions for the introduction of the letters of the Apostle's name, the whole being surroundedby bright and variegated borders."
(Sussex Coast Mercury, August 15th, 1885)

More photographs.

See also:
1. The article Our Mosaics from the Parish Magazine for September 1895,
2. An article on the Mosaics Millenium Project, by Veronica Donkin, former chair of the PCC Mosaics Sub-committee, and
3. An interesting article in the 24 Hour Museum.

The following picture depicts another mosaic which was not installed with the other panels, and was initially considered for installation as a Millenium Project. The proposal did not received general approval, and no funds are available to carry out the work. Click on the image for a larger version.

ProposedMosaic_th.jpg (14475 bytes)

(With thanks to Dave Reynolds of Southern Water for scanning a copy of the original drawing in several sections and assembling the full picture.)

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